We are an Indian based business group providing a wide range of services to diverse markets worldwide through our five major wings: Alif Group (India), Sanpra Group (India), M/S Lotus Group (India), PVR & S foundation (NGO) & Sri ' N ' Siri (Leisure & Hospitalty). Sanpra Group & Lotus Group are registered in Malaysia & have got various diversified activities in the country. Our activities can be broadly categorized as under :

We help companies bridge the gap between local and global. Our experience deploying and maintaining our own application environments allow us to analyze your infrastructure needs and create a customer support program that will satisfy users and achieve your cost containment objectives.

Event Management
We organised several events with our Malaysian and Asian countries tie-ups like dance balleys, cultural programs, food festivals, road shows related to trade and tourism events apart from managing food courts and cattering of large banquets.